Original version

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  The original standard Myrtlefeet, incorporate a brass sphere imbedded into the top of the wood puck. Brass is one of the top end conductors of energy and the intent is to channel any vibrational energy caused by the component itself, into the myrtlewood body. 

  The incredible density of myrtle and the erratic grain, has the ability to diffuse and absorb vibration leaving a purer signal to reach your ears.

  No other hardwood looks as uniquely rich, or behaves quite like Oregon myrtlewood.

  Overall size is approx. 1 1/2" tall  by 2 3/4" in diameter. This solid shape and size multiplied by 3 or 4, give the total mass that is needed to give the wanted results that other isolation systems hope for. As with platforms, you need the mass to achieve top performance. Forget  the  small blocks of wood. They wobble and dont have the mass  needed  to give the desired results. Cheap is good, but not at the expense of the final sound.
   Taller 3" versions  are available in the spiked version only, when you have the rack room and a need for more mass. For use under larger, noisier tube amps for example.      

  The standard, and version for spiked components, are also available in a signature set, made from  more extreme grained and colored blanks. Because of stock size and the excess shrinkage which occurs with figured, spalted, burled, and very old wood, signature Myrtlefeet are going to be 2 1/2" diameter or even a bit smaller.
  Myrtlefeet are sold in sets of 3 or 4 pieces. Three Myrtlefeet are adequate in most cases although four may be wanted for lopsided equipment that tend to be side heavy.
 Because of the density & strength of myrtle, weight is not an issue for any type or size component. For most equipment, two in front (I recommend removing the front  stock feet, and let the brass sit up into the empty screw hole.)  and one in the rear center  works well. Makes it easy to dust shelves also.
   Both versions include  felt tuning discs that can be used if the sound of your system is too lively. These pads give the ability to fine tune the overall presentation . Experimentation is key, and all systems have their own sound.